Press Release

I have withdrawn from the primary race for Oregon District 4 Congress and have instead filed to run for Oregon Senate District 2. I believe this is the best use of our supporters and family’s resources on behalf of the people of Oregon in the 2020 election.

Having won the District 4 primary five times, I am sure we would win a sixth time. The key thing is for a Republican to win this race and provide an additional House vote for President Trump. We might have been able to accomplish this, but so might our primary opponents.

The state of Oregon, however, is now threatened with very onerous actions by the Democrat legislature, especially “cap-and-trade” and other energy legislation that will sharply raise taxes and lead to energy shortages. As a scientist who has worked extensively in energy matters, especially in the area of so-called “climate change,” I can be of substantial help in stopping these erroneous policies.

From a position in the Oregon State Senate, I will be in the best position to serve our fellow citizens in this and other related issues.

I plan to run for the U.S. Congress again at a future time, but right now I can best serve our fellow Oregonians in this way.

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