Our nation and our people must prosper!

We must lift the dead hand of government off of the backs of our people, so that the liberty, freedom, justice, and equality of opportunity of all Americans are assured. To do this, we should replace career politicians, who place their own self-interests above the interests of the American people.

American security

We must protect the lives of all Americans, born and unborn, through legislation that is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.

We must secure our borders and end illegal immigration.

Fiscal Responsibility

We must balance the federal budget to assure that our financial obligations to social security, national defense, and other contractual obligations can be paid.

 Justice for All

We must end unconstitutional corporatism so that American businesses compete in the marketplace, rather than in buying favors from politicians, and we must assure that all Americans, those in the highest positions and those who are the least fortunate are treated equally before the law.

Keep our national contract and heritage

We must rigorously follow the rules of our Constitutional Republic. No governmental action should be taken that violates the Constitution.

Defend our nation

The strength of our military must be maintained at the highest level, both by adequate investment and by avoiding involvement in unnecessary foreign adventures.


Our schools should be under the control of our parents, teachers, and local communities.

Liberty and Common Law

Each of us should do all that we have agreed to do, and we should not encroach on other persons or their property. Our government should serve as a just referee of our adherence to this common law.