Putting Oregon First

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“I feel blessed to call Oregon home. We’re a pioneer state, full of people who work hard to get the best for themselves and their community. I believe in our great state. And when you believe in something, you fight for it.” ~Art.

Putting Oregon First

Our little corner of Oregon is green, beautiful and full of characters. So anyone who represents us in Congress better have the character to match. They must fight for what Oregon needs, not what D.C. special interests want. Oregonians deserve to be represented by people who will stand up for our great state.


Cleaning Up the Washington Swamp

Washington has lost touch. It’s making life more difficult for all of us every day. This has to stop. It’s time to get Washington working for us instead of against us. This means enforcing term limits, listening to working people rather than Big Money, and kicking lobbyists out of law making.


Hard Work Should Pay

The necessities seem to cost more and more, but your pay packet never rises quite as fast. If you work hard and play by the rules it’s only fair that you should be rewarded with higher wages, a better standard of living, and the opportunity to go as far as your ambition lets you.
Bringing Jobs Back Home

Too many people can’t find a job or are caught in the welfare trap. Job training should equip Oregon’s workforce for the best-paying jobs. Responsibility should be rewarded, and people who don’t want to work should do so on their own dime. Let’s make small businesses thrive so that they hire again.

Raising Educational Standards

Every family should be able to choose the right educational fit for their kids. If we want our children to succeed we have to give them the best teachers and the most inspiring environments. We can’t stifle the next generation with aggressive regulation and testing. We know our kids – career politicians don’t.


Guaranteeing Choice

Your healthcare needs should be a matter for you and your doctor, not strangers in Washington who don’t know you. It should be up to every person to choose the kind of health insurance that they want and that works for them and their family, not what suits the D.C. bureaucracy.