All the Non-science About “Human-caused Climate Change” That Money Can Buy

It is loudly claimed today that “scientists” agree that human activities, especially the use of hydrocarbon fuels and other carbon based activities (including life itself), are leading to a climate catastrophe.

This does not include the more than 31,000 American scientists and engineers who signed a mail petition to Congress rejecting this failed hypothesis (see It also does not include more than 90% of other American scientists – who stay out of this controversy to protect their professional scientific work from political attacks.

It does include a small number of “scientists,” most of whom have been given large financial and professional rewards – money grants and popular attention – in exchange for their political positions in favor of the myth of “impending catastrophic climate change.”

Carbon dioxide from hydrocarbon use – is increasing in the atmosphere. It will continue to increase so long as the rate of emissions from human activity exceeds the rate of removal – the half-time for removal being seven years – an experimental fact often misrepresented. There is no “existential climate environmental crisis.”

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Saving American Lives from Terrorists

Terrorist actions occasionally take a few American lives and, in other parts of the world, take greater numbers of lives. Every lost life is a tragedy. These tragedies should be prevented.

The greatest terrorist threat to Americans, however, is the potential use of a nuclear weapon that causes a nuclear explosion in an American city. The people of our cities should be protected from this threat as much as possible – by intelligence activities to prevent such an event and by protective measures to reduce deaths in case preventive measures fail.

Engineers during the Cold War determined that deaths from a ground burst nuclear explosion are caused in three primary ways – blast and prompt nuclear radiation near the explosion, fires set by heat farther from the explosion, and radiation from nuclear fallout even farther from the explosion. These three effects each cause about one-third of the human deaths.

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Art Robinson’s Contributions to National Defense

Art Robinson has not served in the U.S. military, but, as a scientist, he has worked effectively for the defense of our nation.

During the Cold War with the Soviet Union, Art built a U.S. coalition of 8,000 volunteers, nuclear defense scientists and engineers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, U.S congressmen and senators, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Republican Party officials working to protect Americans from nuclear weapons. Art also worked in support of strategic nuclear defense.

Art personally wrote the nuclear civil defense plank for the national Republican Party platform which was passed unanimously at the Republican Convention in New Orleans in 1988.

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Close the Schools!
What’s the Truth?
See Art’s Educational Plan!

Close the Schools

By Art Robinson, PhD

At dinner recently, a friend told me that he had called Peter DeFazio’s office and asked about DeFazio’s claims that Art Robinson is anti-education. “Oh yes, he was told, “Robinson is definitely against education,” followed by remarks embellishing this.

“How can this be?” my friend asked. “Robinson’s six children all have college degrees in science and engineering. Five of the six have doctorates”

“Click.” DeFazio’s man hung up on him.

I have been an educator of K-12, college, graduate, and postgraduate students for most of my life. As a student and student-teacher at Caltech and the University of California at San Diego (UCSD); as a teacher at UCSD and Stanford, as a teacher of my own children, and in our family’s business that has provided curricula and books to more than 100,000 home-schooled and public schooled K-12 students, I have learned a lot about education. I am, however, opposed to “education” as the politicians and union bureaucrats have transformed it.

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What’s the Truth?
See Art’s Educational Plan!”

Art Robinson: Qualifications and Electability

The Robinson congressional campaign exists because we are certain that our qualifications and abilities can improve the lives of all people in District 4, Oregon, and our Nation.

On September 12, the first filing day, Art filed to run in the Republican primary election for Congress in 2020. He has won this primary in 5 consecutive elections. We do not know who his specific opponents will be this time. We have filed because Art is far better qualified to fill this office than all other Oregonians who have now publically expressed an interest in doing so.

Elections are about qualifications and electability. As these campaigns have passed, Art’s electability has substantially risen. In 2018, he

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Kay Bridges

These two photos are of Kay Bridges, creator of Facebook postings for our congressional campaign in 2018 and earlier, who has died from cancer. Kay was a wonderful woman, a skilled co-worker, and a key part of our congressional campaigns.

Kay’s Facebook work glowed with many short vignettes and photo ops of our appearances in parades, fairs, speeches, and other events.

Kay worked vigorously and effectively from her youth and throughout her life for her state and nation and fellow Americans. She was a dynamo to the end, playing a prominent part in the recent efforts to slow the totalitarian slide in the Oregon state capital, including “Oregon Pushback.”

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March for Life with Dr. Art Robinson in Grants Pass, Oregon.

Our founders listed LIFE as the first value to be preserved. They would be astonished today to know that there are people in Washington in the US Congress that actively work to destroy life. Those who get this so badly wrong get everything wrong.

March for Life w/Dr. Art Robinson in Grants Pass, Oregon.

If you have people running your country who cannot even understand that it is wrong to murder a child . . you have a problem. Those who get this wrong, get everything wrong. Dr. Art Robinson, Phd in Grants Pass at the joint March for Life of Josephine and Jackson counties, 2019. With Captions.

Posted by Art Robinson on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Art Robinson featured at World Net Daily

Candidate Sees Blue-State Enthusiasm for Trump

October 7, 2018 – World Net Daily

In “blue” Oregon, where Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump by 11 points in 2016, Republican candidates like Art Robinson in the state’s 4th Congressional District face a steep challenge against Democratic incumbents such as Rep. Peter DeFazio.

Robinson ran against the progressive congressman for the first time in 2010, regarding it as a public service, and he’s run each election since then.

But this year stands out from the rest, he said, because he hasn’t experienced the overt opposition on the campaign trail of previous elections.

“What I see out there is tremendous enthusiasm for the president, and the other side is shut down,” he told WND.

“I don’t think the pollsters can see it.”

Robinson, a well-regarded Ph.D. scientist, educator, businessman and 38-year Oregon resident, served on the faculty of the University of California-San Diego, was president at the Linus Pauling Institute and now is head of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine.

The former chairman of the state Republican Party, Robinson believes that all of the Republicans in the 2018 midterms “rise and fall with Trump.”

And he sees strong enthusiasm for the president, because they recognize Trump is advancing the conservative agenda, including confirming constitutional judges, bolstering the economy, improving international relations and defending religious liberty.

“I don’t think it’s because they idolize a man,” he said of the enthusiastic support for Trump in a blue state. “I’m not suggesting this. The important thing is that he gets things done.

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Sept. 22, 2018 – Art speaks at Patriot Place in Florence

Dr. Art Robinson PhD speaks at Patriot Place in Florence, Oregon between 2 and 4 pm on Saturday, September 22nd.

Tturning #CD4RED

Florence Liberty Alliance


Is the Oregon Coast a Linchpin for Economic Development? How Do We Win on a Democratic Playing Field?
Saturday, Sept. 22, 2:00 PM 4:00 PM at Patriot Place

Teri Grier, candidate for Oregon House of Representatives, will represent the legislative process and Bettina Hannigan, Executive Director of the Florence Chamber of Commerce will represent the interests of Oregon coastal businesses, as they discuss the key elements of success for the Oregon coast and the opportunities and threats due to proposed legislation like Cap and Trade.


Dr. Art Robinson, candidate for US House of Representatives, will share his experience and observations of how the political process works, or doesn’t work in Coastal Oregon. How we are “Fighting to preserve our Constitutional Republic on a Democratic Playing Field.”

Public is invited, snacks provided.
Patriot Place is located at 175 Nopal in Florence
Questions call (509)540-4880