Art Robinson is a longtime Southern Oregon resident and Constitutional conservative. He has spent decades standing up to radical environmentalists who continue to threaten our most vital industries like logging, ranching, farming and mining. Art will stand firm to protect the Second Amendment, property rights and individual liberties as your new State Senator.


Protecting Our Natural Resource Industries

I’m running for Oregon Senate District 2 to be the strong voice that our timber, mining, ranching and farming industries need. I will stand up to all the special interests who use the courts and the legislative process to undermine our prosperity.

Preserving Your Individual Rights and Freedom

I will fight for your Constitutional rights, including those granted under the Second Amendment, and to limit the state government’s ability to infringe on your freedom. I will defend your property rights and work tirelessly to carry out the vision of this nation’s founding fathers.


Improving Public Education

As your next District 2 Senator, I will work hard to improve the existing education system. I will use my experience, as a student, an educator and a father, to help our children receive the quality education they deserve.  I have 10 years of University teaching experience and 25 years of K-12 teaching experience in our family business. I am certain I can help improve our children's education.

A Strong Defender of Life.

I have always been a strong defender of life. I am endorsed by the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and Andy Schlafly in recognition of my work in the pro-life cause.
I am also proud to be endorsed by Oregon Right to Life and will continue to be your voice for this critical issue.


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Art Robinson has spent his life, with you, raising his family in Southern Oregon. We welcome your opinion, as well as supporting donations and volunteers.  Contact us here