Q: Why are you running for Oregon Senate District 2?

A: I think it’s more important than ever that Southern Oregon has a strong voice in our state senate. Politicians and bureaucrats in Portland and Salem have spent decades attacking our critical natural resource industries with laws, rules and regulations that threaten our way of life. I’ve worked with grassroots conservative activists throughout the state for many years now, and I will work productively and effectively to represent our rural values.

Q: Where do you stand on proposed cap and trade legislation?

A: I am adamantly opposed to it. A real threat to our environment in Southern Oregon is the catastrophic wildfires that we’ve been seeing almost every summer due to the continued mismanagement of our federal forests., because our private industries which managed them well have been prevented from doing so. Taxing the last of our private industries and redistributing money to inefficient and ineffective state government programs is the wrong approach, and I will stand strongly against it.

Q: Are you pro-life?

A: Yes. I have received the endorsement of the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles and Andy Schlafly in recognition of  my work in the pro-life cause. My candidacy has also been endorsed by Oregon Right to Life. I have effectively worked to ensure that the Oregon Republican Party platform continues to have a very strong principled pro-life position.

Q: What is your position on education?

A: I worked for 10 years at Caltech, Standford, and UC San Diego in various aspects of collection education. I have worked for 25 years in K-12 education, both as a parent and in our family business which has supplied more than 100,000 families with curricula for home schooling and to supplement public schooling. My six children and I have 6 doctorates and one masters degree in Science Engineering, and Medicine. Our public schools must be improved. I am certain that as a state Senator I can help achieve those needed improvements.

Q: What will you do to protect and preserve our rights and freedom?

A: Our US Federal Constitution protects our fundamental human rights. It also provides our state of Oregon with the power to protect those rights. Our rights have been under assault especially our 1st and 2nd amendment rights by those who do not respect our Constitutional Republic. These misguided people must be opposed at every opportunity.